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WaitTime Welcomes Ex-Secret Service and NBA CSO, Jerome Pickett, as Strategic Advisor

WaitTime, the industry leader in AI Crowd Management, welcomed Jerome Pickett as a strategic advisor for WaitTime's growth. WaitTime intelligent software deciphers crowd behavior in a whole new way. The proprietary AI technology assigns behavior profiles based on movement and speed, unlike other existing crowd technology that relies on Bluetooth connections or beacons. Jerome's extensive knowledge and expertise in cameras, security and crowd management is a hand in glove fit for the value proposition that WaitTime's AI system provides large venues all over the world.

"I am thrilled to join WaitTime! I plan to learn from them and help grow their business in a substantial way. First, I have cheered on Zack Klima for years as he has built WaitTime an amazing AI Crowd Management / Intelligence platform which helps optimize operations and improve guest experiences for entertainment venues, retail and other expanding use cases. I think WaitTime is smart tech that enables venues to improve the speed of service for guests, and for fans to have all the information they need to decide how and when to spend time away from the event they are there to see. WaitTime empowers everyone who uses it."

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