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Check out the interview with our CEO Zack Klima with Exhibition Showcase!

Q: When tens of thousands of people meet at a major event, reliable safety concepts are essential for the organisers. When it comes to creating traffic and safety concepts for events, what kind of support do you offer?

A: WaitTime has developed the most sophisticated artificial intelligence software solution all around crowd management. We mount cameras over areas of high traffic (Concessions, retail shops, conference hall entrances, etc.) and our patented algorithms interpret the crowd conditions in real-time, all anonymously. From very accurately counting how many people are in a queue, to how many people are entering rooms, our highly sophisticated algorithms seamlessly integrate into pre-existing infrastructure keeping the cost of net new infrastructure low. WaitTime’s system alerts venue operations in real time on crowding conditions.

How many people are in line?

How many people are in a conference hall?

How many have entered and exited?

What is the occupancy density of certain areas?All of these are reported on to operations based on real-time thresholds that the client custom sets.


Q: Could you highlight your company’s recent innovations in the AI/ML space? What changes have you made to your services to accommodate the new normal?

A: WaitTime now has 4 patented algorithms that have never existed in the world before. Our queue, stanchion, entry-exit and massing algorithms are now all being used across the world with some of the biggest brands in the sports, retail, convention/exhibition center space.


Q: What are your thoughts on digitalization and the potential for using technology to accelerate the industry’s momentum?

A: It is truly the only way forward. The industry needs to keep getting disrupted. Disrupt, innovate, disrupt, innovate, repeat. The days of “if it aint broke dont fix it” are long over. More progressive, technology forward leaders are emerging into the forefront now which is the change needed to spur and breed momentum.

Check out the rest of the article at Exhibition Showcase here!

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