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Why WaitTime?

WaitTime, the industry leader in crowd intelligence, provides real-time data and historical analytics on crowd behavior. Our patented artificial intelligence gives operations personnel live data on crowd movement, density & occupancy, while providing guests information they need to navigate


Start by diagnosing realized and unrealized opportunities to improve ROI or operational efficiencies with crowd behavior intelligence from WaitTime


How Does it Work?

Cameras are mounted above concessions, merchandise, restrooms, ingress, or exhibit congregation areas. Our technology interprets crowd conditions in real-time, so you know wait times and crowd densities.


WaitTime is optimized to run on Intel hardware. Using OneAPI, We were able to develop efficiently while optimizing our heterogeneous workloads in order to achieve the highest possible performance.

Technology Solutions


What does it look like?

Wait times are represented by spectrum bars that change from green to yellow to red relative to line lengths. These spectrums can be added to digital displays, operations dashboard, and mobile app.

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