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Intel Showcases WaitTime's AI at Mall of America

WaitTime and Intel put on an event at The Mall of America the week of June 12th, showcasing WaitTime's AI in action, providing real-time occupancy metrics with precision at high volumes for the entire 5.6 mm sq ft.

WaitTime's Director of Innovation, Elizabeth Grabowski, presented WaitTime on stage with Mall of America Leadership, Patrick Wand.

How did WaitTime help Mall of America reopen it's 5.6mm sq ft?

Patrick Wand (MOA) & Elizabeth Grabowski (WaitTime)

What were the tangible results of deploying WaitTime and Intel at the Mall of America?

WaitTime and Intel sponsored a VIP tour of the Mall, showcasing the WaitTime system live and in action:

WaitTime Founder, Zack Klima, is shown here displaying WaitTime's AI in action, tracking real-time occupancy metrics at crucial circulation points throughout the mall. WaitTime anonymously tracks how many people are entering and exiting all entrances to the mall, providing useful data for leasing, security and operations. This information is incredibly powerful for real estate developers, large retail developments and retailers themselves.

WaitTime's net-net accuracy is upwards of 97-99% across the board.

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