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WaitTime and Cisco Meraki Deliver Crowd Intelligence Solution to Support Reopening for Sports and En

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

As many states are easing Coronavirus-related restrictions, fans are eager to get back to the game, but doing so safely and in alignment with local regulations will play an important role in our collective return to normalcy. In an effort to help spectators and venue operators, Cisco Meraki and WaitTime, the leader in crowd intelligence, are developing new technology solutions that will support the reopening of major sports, convention and entertainment centers as they move toward pandemic recovery.

While many venues were previously leveraging WaitTime and Cisco Meraki to create better fan experiences, they are now rethinking their crowd management strategies and the technologies that support them, to encourage social distancing and manage capacity. Now, with the help of these two technology leaders, organizations can provide intuitive experiences for its customers and employees to create smarter and safer environments. Fans will not only be able to access information about where the shortest restroom and concession lines are or where to enter and exit, but also how to navigate the stadium or entertainment center to avoid congestion.

For operators, the data is even richer, and will allow them to make informed decisions that ensure they are putting the guest experience first, while also limiting crowd density where needed. WaitTime’s patented technology seamlessly integrates with Cisco Meraki’s cloud-first platform to provide enhanced customer experiences and meaningful, seamless connectivity at scale. With Cisco Meraki’s MV smart camera technologies, WaitTime can provide venues with real-time information about crowd capacity, movement and social distancing. Leveraging data rich analytics, the integration provides organizations with proactive alerts when crowd density or capacity is reached in a certain area, enabling smarter spaces, no matter the location.

“Our work with Cisco Meraki is critical to scaling WaitTime’s technology to more venues more quickly when they need accurate crowd intelligence in order to welcome people back safely,” said Zachary Klima, CEO of WaitTime. “Together with Cisco Meraki, we’re innovating, growing and providing new solutions to venues looking to provide immersive fan experiences as people get back to doing what they love.”

Cisco Meraki and WaitTime are working on installations in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, including in New Jersey at the Atlantic City Convention Center (ACCC). The technology will provide ACCC with real-time information in each of the convention center halls, so management is able to ensure capacity and social distancing requirements necessary for the health, safety, and personal privacy of their guests.

As the world reopens, WaitTime has a number of deployments planned across industries to help both businesses and consumers return to normal.

The WaitTime solutions brief is currently live on Cisco’s website.

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