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WaitTime & Intel Release Joint Solution Brief

Improving Customer Experiences and Environmental Monitoring Operations through The Intel Processor-Powered WaitTime Crowd Management Platform.

Built on Intel® Xeon® and CoreTM Processors and optimized by the Intel® oneAPI Analytics Toolkit, the WaitTime computer-vision based solution helps facilities of all sizes convert assumptions into data driven insights. This helps facility managers optimize and monetize successful operations and improve guest experiences. The WaitTime and Intel Joint Solution Brief can be found here.

Managing Crowd Behavioral Analytics, Insights, and Communications: What Exactly is WaitTime and Why Is It So Unique?

The challenges to operating crowd management platforms and solutions are numerous. Anywhere large groups of people gather, anything can happen – from natural disasters and parking lot accidents to timeless moments with family, and lifetime experiences. With so much at stake, large venues and commercial real-estate vendors need a diverse range of tools that are also narrow enough to address their specific challenges.

WaitTime is an AI-powered crowd analytics solution designed to help companies manage crowds and queues in real-time and improve situational monitoring capabilities for venues such as major entertainment and sports facilities, amusement parks, convention centers, arenas, event venues, or mobile and temporary events. The solution uses computer vision technology and custom algorithms to provide highly accurate people counting analytics, and can be integrated with most locations and technology stacks thanks to its one-size-fits-all flexibility. By adopting WaitTime’s crowd analytics software, organizations can more efficiently allocate staffing, optimize security, communicate with visitors, and generally improve guest experience.

Solution Brief on Intel Website

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