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WaitTime Takes the Main Stage at CES 2024 with Intel Corporation

At CES 2024, WaitTime seized the spotlight, headlining the event in collaboration with Intel Corporation. The dynamic leadership of WaitTime's CEO, Zack Klima, and Intel's Chris Tobias took center stage as they discussed the global expansion of WaitTime's groundbreaking AI crowd management system. This state-of-the-art patented solution, lauded for its innovation, is now being scaled internationally through the strategic partnership with Intel. Zack Klima engaged the audience with a live presentation, demonstrating the efficacy of the system and showcasing its algorithms through numerous proven use cases. The joint efforts of WaitTime and Intel symbolize a significant stride towards revolutionizing crowd management on a global scale.

WaitTime has fully immersed itself in the global arena, strategically positioning its presence in the channel for widespread scaling. With a keen focus on expanding its reach worldwide, WaitTime has undertaken initiatives to ensure its innovative crowd management system is seamlessly integrated across diverse regions. The company's commitment to scalability is evident as it navigates the complexities of international markets, leveraging strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts to establish itself as a frontrunner in transforming crowd management on a global scale.

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