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Cricket Grounds


Melbourne Cricket Ground was the first venue in Australia to install WaitTime, growing from a 15 camera pilot in 2015 to a full deployment across the whole site with 80 monitored concessions, restrooms, and bars. As a legacy client, they have partnered with WaitTime to pioneer premier guest experiences and received the 2019 ANZSTA Sports Technology Award for excellence in data, digital and technology across the Sports, Media, Entertainment, Health and Technology landscapes. MCG is known for being the largest venue in the southern hemisphere with a capacity of over 100,000 guests. 

Why WaitTime

The MCG approached WaitTime to help manage their queues and provide premier guest experiences. "Queue times are a major challenge for large venues such as the MCG- when you have thousands of people trying to place an order at peak times, you are always going to have some level of delay. This system will not only help to inform MCG patrons about the expected wait times, but also show and direct them to other nearby outlets that they may not have previously considered, and which may result in a quicker service experience." - MCC CEO, Stuart Fox

  • WaitTime

    • Queue and Stanchion at Concessions, Bars, Restrooms, and Gates

    • Operations Platform:

      • Operations Dashboard​

      • End of Day Reports

      • Real-time (API)

      • Historical (csv) data

    • Guest Platform:

      • Digital Displays 

      • Mobile Application

  • Servers

  • Cameras

  • WaitTime DMPs

mcg vertical.png
mcg laptop dashboard.png
mcg app mockup.png


Provide guests with real-time wait time updates of queues on digital displays and the MCG Mobile App

Create dynamic, multi-faceted signage software to allow for unique messages by level, area, and event type

Analyze over 500 people at ingress gates

Share real - time crowd conditions via operations dashboard for venue personnel



WaitTime becomes one of the most utilized features in the MCG App


Solution expands from covering 15 cameras to over 80 concessions, restrooms, bars, and gates


Premier and Membership areas receive special way-finding messages allowing them to know queues across all levels


MCG and WaitTime are recognized for the 2019 ANZSTA Sports Technology Award for excellence in data, digital, and technology

Our Future Vision

Share wait time information at gates to help guests find shortest queues

Integrate into order to go, navigation, and other customer concierge experiences 



“Our patrons, and the experience that they have while at the MCG, is at the core of our decisions. Our research has shown us that wait times for food and drinks are one of the key frustrations for patrons at the MCG, and WaitTime provides a unique approach to hopefully help address this,”


As an incredibly forward-thinking venue, dedicated to creating amazing experiences for their patrons, MCG is the perfect partner for WaitTime as we debut our technology in the southern hemisphere,"

Download the customer story!

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