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LA Dodgers


The LA Dodgers have the highest fan attendance in Major League Baseball history. As a Cisco and Intel partner, the Dodgers are often pioneers of innovation in the league leveraging state of the art technology and driving data informed decisions.

Why WaitTime

Data needs a platform to make it actionable. With WaitTime, the LA Dodgers are able to granularly and accurately provide guest traffic metrics to inform smarter business decisions and in turn better the ballpark experience. A simple answer, but when you know how people are using spaces, you can turn assumptions into data driven strategy.

  • WaitTime

    • Entry and Exit Algorithm at Bar

    • Queue Algorithms at Concessions and Store

    • Operations Dashboard

    • End of Day Reports

    • Real-time (API) and historical (csv) data

  • Cisco UCS Servers

  • Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

  • Cisco Meraki Smart cameras



Understand crowd flows of new and existing locations within the venue

Identify opportunities for improved revenue and guest experience

Track real-time occupancy of sponsored and specialty vendor spaces

Connect cameras to business intelligence questions of newly constructed spaces



Highly accurate and granular foot traffic counting through retail, bars, and concessions


Provide foot traffic metrics to team to prove out business use cases


Quantify and monetize foot traffic fin sponsored of specialty vendor spaces


ROI tied to foot traffic by time of day, day of week, and location of concession

Our Future Vision

Connect WaitTime data to Ballpark App for improved guest experience 

Trigger alerts from WaitTime data to staff and security 

Align operations and staffing schedules to historical crowd data

Provide quantitative concourse foot traffic metrics to sponsors to monetize system


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“We’re using this information to understand the impact of various points of interest, and this information will allow us to not only think about long-term revenue strategies but also understand how to better engage with fans and what is most impactful to them.”


“WaitTime’s crowd management solution, fueled by Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel SSDs in combination with the Cisco Meraki smart camera video solution, offers the Dodgers real-time insights about crowd dynamics to better understand how fans are spending their time at the game, resulting in decisions based on business intelligence rather than assumptions,”


WaitTime uses the Cisco Meraki network with machine vision cameras, Intel Xeon Scalable processors and its own patented A.I. algorithms to assess and analyze crowd location and elements of the fan experience. The Dodgers can combine this information with its own datasets to make objective determinations about which activations are working or not.

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