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Cisco announces global partnership with WaitTime

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Cisco, the worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions, and WaitTime, the leader in crowd intelligence, are announcing a global partnership designed to support the reopening of large-scale entertainment, event and sports venues following the global pandemic.

WaitTime is a patented technology that has been used by entertainment venues around the world for crowd intelligence and crowd management. The solution seamlessly integrates with Cisco’s technologies to provide venues with real-time information about crowd capacity, movement and social distancing, necessary for venues to reopen. While many venues were previously leveraging WaitTime and Cisco to create better fan experiences, the pandemic has forced major sports organizations, large public venues and many other industries to rethink their crowd management strategies in light of new rules and regulations surrounding social distancing, as well as in the interest of the health and safety of their guests.

In partnership with Cisco, WaitTime has already deployed at Sydney Cricket Ground, T-Mobile Arena and Levi’s Stadium.

“COVID19 has augmented the value of WaitTime because accurate crowd intelligence is more mandatory than ever,” said Zachary Klima, the CEO of WaitTime. “WaitTime has spent the entirety of the pandemic adding new algorithms, expanding integrations and most importantly, defining and structuring partnerships with world-leading companies such as Cisco.”

As the world reopens, WaitTime and Cisco are well suited to make a global impact together in many industries as a result of ongoing deployments and collaborative innovations.

“Teaming up with WaitTime to help our sports and entertainment venue customers re-open their doors safely, is just one of the many exciting things we can accomplish together,” said Bryan Bedford, Head of Sports Partner GTM, Cisco. “Through continued innovation in our technologies, we look forward to providing safer, more engaging and immersive fan experiences with WaitTime.”

The WaitTime solutions brief is currently live on Cisco’s website.

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