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Real-time Crowd Intelligence Comes of Age with WaitTime & Intel

Established nearly 10 years ago, WaitTime was one of the first companies to enter the nascent computer vision market, focusing on developing solutions for gleaning crowd intelligence data in real time. This early experience gave WaitTime an advantage when it came to applying its technology to a host of new environments.

WaitTime stands out for its state-of-the-art, specialized and patented software that leverages camera data to provide the insights needed to optimize operations, improve crowd management, and enhance interactions for customers and employees alike.

A key differentiator for WaitTime is its four proprietary algorithms for evaluating and controlling crowds:

  1. Queuing: Analyzing patterns and behaviors of how people form lines organically in various locations (e.g., at a restroom or retail checkout queue).

  2. Massing: Assessing crowd density and traffic movement in real-time, useful for venues like concessions, cafeterias and sports betting.

  3. Stanchion: Designed to analyze artificial or tightly organized "switchback" queuing strategies in transportation terminals, events and other funnel points.

  4. Entry/exit: Measuring how traffic finds its way into, around and out of the environment; useful for entertainment venues, office buildings and seating areas.

WaitTime is designed for optimum performance on the latest Intel technology, including 4th Gen Intel Xeon® Scalable processors for high-demand workloads, and a standards-based oneAPI programming model to support disparate hardware architectures and vendors.

The WaitTime and Intel solution is not only unique and highly performant, but its output of accurate, detailed data can be integrated with a diverse range of tools for use in point-of-sale, marketing, weather forecasting, event operations and much more.

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