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WaitTime in Grocery Stores, Monetizing Foot Traffic

Elevating Grocery Stores with WaitTime's patented AI, accelerated by Intel Corporation. WaitTime's AI solution is reshaping the grocery industry, optimizing operations and enhancing customer experiences.

🔹 Real-Time Staff Distribution: Our #AI alerts staff to busy areas like check-out lines or high-traffic spots such as the deli. By using historical footfall data, grocers can plan staffing efficiently.

🔹 Footfall and Conversion Tracking: We track footfall from sidewalk to sale, providing precise data on store, zone, and aisle traffic. Grocers can use this for product placement, seasonal engagement, and more, even reselling analytics to vendors.

🔹 Premier Guest Experiences: Turn invisible pain points into proactive queue management. Improve wait times, streamline check-out, and enhance in-store navigation.

Join us in revolutionizing the grocery experience with WaitTime's patented & revolutionary AI.

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