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Distribution: Why Engagement is SO Important

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Why is Engagement SO important?

Engagement has always been a core component to the WaitTime platform. We leverage real-time crowd intelligence and share it with operations staff and guests so everyone can make smart decisions- leading to a healthier, safer, more efficient space.

We share WaitTime data with operations staff via an Operations Dashboard.

We share WaitTime data with guests via digital displays and a mobile app interface.

Engagement is crucial to evening distribution.

We often get asked for “norms”- the norm is uneven distribution. The consistent issue we find when installing WaitTime is a distribution problem- meaning that at any given time, there are a lot of people at one restroom or concession but few at others, even though the perception from the venue might be that everything is swamped.

We have found a variety of factors that influence distribution from ingress design, to event type, or even menu style. For example, check out the impact study below. We monitored a restrooms at two concerts with similar capacity and attendance profiles.

The image on the left is before WaitTime- or without engagement. There is a 15 minute wait just around the corner from no wait. This situation occurred because of having 1/4 of the venue cut off due to having a stage. The 15 minute wait is at the end of seating, while the no wait restroom is backstage.

Psst…. this is SUPER common. If you are ever at a concert and want to get to a bathroom fast at a venue that doesn’t have WaitTime, head backstage.

The image on the right is after WaitTime- or with engagement via digital displays and on the mobile app.

Let’s look at every bathroom at the busiest moment of a concert.

The impact study below shows the crowding conditions via green, yellow, and red at every bathroom during the busiest moment of a concert.

At the busiest moment of a concert, this venue has 5 swamped restrooms and 6 with no one in line.

Engagement becomes key to alleviating this issue by sharing crowding info with fans on displays and the mobile app, but also informing building operations on real-time conditions so they can respond.

Design also plays a HUGE role. Concourses are super dynamic, which means it can be difficult to accommodate a variety of situations with one physical solution. Instead, WaitTime can inform design by referencing historical crowd behavior while by providing a flexible communication tool that reacts to real-time conditions.

• Provide multiple display design templates to accommodate unique crowd behavior

• Open and close concessions and restrooms in real-time

• Schedule open and close templates in advance or on the fly

• Change restrooms over based on crowd conditions

• Use strategic crowd based push messaging to encourage movement further into a venue

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