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Intel Showcases WaitTime at BlueStar's Distribution Show, VARTECH 2022

WaitTime continues to gain momentum all over the globe with successful innovative use cases. While WaitTime was incepted out of the Sports & Entertainment industry, Malls, Convention Centers, Airports, Theme Parks and other industries have quickly come to the forefront of focus.

  1. WaitTime, Intel & Cisco land the Mall of America. The famous 4.8 Million sq ft facility is leveraging WaitTime's razor sharp patented 'entry-exit' a.i algorithm to monitor real-time occupancy of their entire facility. This net-new and accurate data is being used for occupancy strategies moving forward in the business. “With the help of WaitTime, Intel and Cisco, we can remove the guesswork about how and where shoppers are spending their time and make real changes to improve shopping experience,” said Aaron Nielsen, vice president, Information Technology at Mall of America & American Dream. “The insights gained are invaluable, especially when we connect the dots to Wi-Fi and directory usage.”

  2. WaitTime Revolutionizes technology offering at the famous NEC. The famous NEC (National Exhibition Centre) located in Birmingham, England is leveraging a multitude of WaitTime's patented algorithms to spearhead Crowd Management. The main use case is monitoring the real-time occupancies of all the exhibition halls in the massive facility. This information is key for business decision making based on occupancy trends of certain shows and events. Ian Taylor, Managing Director for NEC Group Conventions and Exhibitions added: “Our new Wi-Fi solution teamed with WaitTime’s crowd and business intelligence is revolutionary. The NEC Group is a data-led business and it is investments like this that help to keep us at the cutting edge of live event innovation.”

As WaitTime continues to prove out it's disruptive and cutting edge a.i solution, scale is key. WaitTime has strategically aligned with technology leaders like Cisco & Intel crafting a comprehensive global scale strategy through distribution. On September 12 & 13th, Intel brought WaitTime to BlueStar's VARTECH 2022 Distribution Show in Orlando, FL. WaitTime presented it's joint solution with Intel on the main stage explaining why WaitTime is important to thousands of resellers in the crowd. WaitTime's patented a.i solution is a beautiful arrow in your quiver as you solution sell to your customers all over the globe. Distribution is key.

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