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WaitTime's Key Differentiators

Let’s start with why visual verification matters…

Gate Queue at Sports and Entertainment Venue

WaitTime is camera based- which means we can see and point at every individual we are counting (anonymously) and affect how and why our algorithms respond to real behavior. When you can’t see what your solution you can’t be granular or specific- for example, with device based technologies people may be carrying multiple devices, no devices, or they may ping to the wrong AP.

In the above image of the gate queue software at a sports and entertainment venue, there are A LOT of people- and many of them are passing by. Without a visual based software that can be adjusted to real, behavioral conditions, many of them would likely be counted as "in-line" by alternate technologies.

What distinguishes WaitTime as a best in class crowd management technology compared to other visual based technologies?

Entry Exit Algorithm for Large Crowds

1) Precision at High Volumes

WaitTime is not only able to accommodate small to moderate crowd flows like many of its competitors, but is also best in class for accuracy at high volume traffic counting (ex. sports ingress 900+ people at gate, convention entry 5,000+ people in 30 min). WaitTime is often referred to by other crowd counting solutions when large, complicated crowd capacities are required.

2) Solution Versatility

WaitTime’s patented algorithms provide concrete solutions to a variety of crowd management issues including queue busting, occupancy tracking, and heat mapping. These robust software solutions to complicated crowding issues make WaitTime a one stop shop for large venue people counting needs. WaitTime is also able to blend these algorithms into highly custom software solutions for highly complex crowding scenarios that require minimal infrastructural impact.

3) Sophisticated Operations and Guest Interfaces

WaitTime turns real-time data into actionable insights in on operations dashboard and smart guest wayfinding wayfinding platforms. WaitTime is able to set custom alerts to inform security, guest services, and concessionaires on real-time crowd conditions. In addition, WaitTime has created a robust and versatile guest communication platform to integrate into existing venue mobile applications and digital displays- allowing the guests to become part of the crowd management solution. If you and your guests don’t have actionable platforms, crowd management issues do not change.

And finally, what about experience?

WaitTime is a global leader in crowd management software and first to the market with over 9 years of experience working with global brands to deliver best in class, patented solutions. WaitTime cross-pollinates its innovative solutions across multiple verticals including sports and entertainment, retail, convention centers, airports, education and more to ensure that innovative thought leadership and best practices are shared amongst our clients allowing us to provide the most comprehensive and custom level of service possible to our premier clients.

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