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WaitTime & VisionEDGE (WiPro) Announce Global Partnership

WaitTime and VisionEDGE have globally partnered to provide the most intelligent way-finding platform in the World. VisionEDGE, formerly known as Cisco Vision, has upped their game by partnering with the technology giant, WiPro, to innovate and disrupt the IPTV space. WaitTime, the industry leader in AI crowd management, partnered with VisionEDGE, provides the most intelligent platform for navigating crowds in real-time.

"Where is the shortest queue? Where can I find the my favorite concession? Where is the shortest wait for a restroom?". The content provided by WaitTime is incredibly powerful not just for the guests that navigate these large environments, but also to net-new sponsors who want to be front and center with eye ball traffic due to the relevance of information that WaitTime provides.

The wait is over. 2 Industry leaders coming together to provide the most comprehensive guest experience around. The best part is, this is just the start of our capabilities together..

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