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Mall of America


Mall of America is a retail icon attracting over 40 million visitors each year with a variety of unique attractions ranging from an interior amusement park to some of the world’s greatest brands. Mall of America is dedicated to leading smart and innovative business practices through the use of technology to not only measure and improve guest experience but also to lead state of the art operations intelligence. For more information, visit

Why WaitTime

Providing real-time granular foot-traffic and occupancy of large crowd environments can be difficult to track. When data isn't granular the repercussions of making business decisions based on assumptions can be risky. With WaitTime, granular data helps Mall of America anonymously but granularly distinguish foot traffic, which allows them to make smart decisions based on data as well as build guest journey profiles to improve experience.

  • WaitTime

    • (1) Camera mounted centered over each entrance to the mall leveraging entry and exit algorithm

    • Operations Dashboard

    • End of Day Reports

    • Real-time (API) and historical (csv) data 

  • Cisco UCS Servers

  • Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

  • AXIS cameras


Busiest Entrance [East L1]

Total Entered... 13,458
Total Exited... 12,873


Determine experience journeys of guests within the mall

Provide real-time occupancy tracking across all entrances and exits of the 2 million sq ft footprint

Improve business decision making and operations through analysis of guest movement

Reduce assumptions with granular, accurate people counting



Highly accurate and granular foot traffic counting through ingress points


Improved business intelligence through more granular analytics


Real-time occupancy for strategic operations, security, and COVID-19 responses


ROI tied to foot traffic by time of day, day of week, and location of entrance

Our Future Vision

Additional crowd analytics at individual retailers around traffic through the store

Queue management at amusement spaces to improve guest experience and ROI

Concessions queue analysis to improve operations and guest experiences 

Smart way-finding via digital displays and mobile app to help guests navigate


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“With the help of WaitTime, Intel and Cisco, we can remove the guesswork about how and where shoppers are spending their time and make real changes to improve shopping experience,”


“WaitTime’s real-time, AI-based crowd management solution enables the Mall of America to make informed business decisions on how and where people spend their time shopping,”

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