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The National Exhibition Center's


The NEC is the UK’s largest event space with over 40 years of experience hosting hundreds of exciting events for every passion and interest. With over 500 events servicing over 2.3 million guests per year, the NEC is a leader in innovation and premier guest experience. The NEC is dedicated 
to providing top technologies to its clients including granular business analytics and state of the art operations intelligence. Check out more at

Why WaitTime

Mass people counting is an art. With WaitTime, the NEC Group is able to collect accurate occupancy, collect analytics for extreme crowd scenarios, and provide detailed data reports
to exhibitioners to inform better business practices

Our robust platform can be expanded to provide a variety of crowd intelligence solutions from way-finding to queue busting

  • WaitTime

    • Entry and Exit Algorithm at
      Conference Halls

    • Operations Dashboard

    • End of Day Reports

    • Real-time (API)

    • Historical (csv) data 

  • Cisco Hyperflex

  • Cisco Meraki Smart cameras

Hall 8 Occupancy

Total Entered....... 7,560
NEC laptop mockup.png

NEC dashboard

NEC live event view

Total Exited........... 3,411

NEC end of day report


Provide real-time occupancy of events with upwards of 50,000 attendees at 95%+ accuracy 

Alert staff in real-time capacity breaches

Flexible dynamic scheduling platform to allow for quickly changing event types



Robust crowd data analytics for smart business practices


Monetized data  as an additional service for vendors


Improved operations responses and strategies

Our Future Vision

Crowd Intelligent CCTV Platform

Smart Way-finding

Concessions queue busing 


cisco-logo-transparent (1).png



“Our new Wi-Fi solution teamed with WaitTime’s crowd and business intelligence is revolutionary. The NEC Group is a data-led business and it is investments like this that help to keep us at the cutting edge of live event innovation.”

exhibition news.png

“During 2021’s Autumn Fair, it was clear from an organisers perspective that improvements were being made to the NEC’s Wi-Fi infrastructure. It gave us the confidence to direct visitors to download and use our show app using the venue’s free Wi-Fi. As a result, we generated a significant increase in visitor engagement.

Download the customer story!

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