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Cruising: Premiere Guest Experience AND Health and Safety

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Innovative Business Thinking

Many if not all industries are rethinking the delivery of their services in lieu of Covid-19. Businesses have the opportunity to push their practices to the cutting edge of innovation in an effort to remain competitive while providing premiere guest experiences without jeopardizing health and safety. WaitTime has been at the center of many industry focused design thinking sessions- where science and data guide practice, guests engage in real-time info to make smart decisions, and operations are alerted to respond to crowd conditions.

Cruising Industry

Engagement has always been a core value of WaitTime. In the cruising industry, this translates into sharing real-time crowd conditions with guests via digital displays and mobile app experiences in the form of green, yellow and red indicators for all experiences, dining, and attractions.

Providing social distancing and crowd management services doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, promoting health and safety can be baked into premiere guest experiences using WaitTime. By sharing real-time crowd conditions with guests, they can make smart decisions on how to navigate experiences- spending time doing the things they want to do rather than waiting in line. Check out a few ideas on guest experience below:

  1. • Follow experiences on the mobile app to be alerted when crowd conditions are favorable

  2. • Clear, dynamic way-finding and wait-finding dispersed throughout the ship

  3. • Remote queueing for dining and attractions

  4. • Navigate according to crowding so guests never wait in line

Improved communication platform so guests always know their options

Mobile App


WaitTime data is also shared with operations and staff to promote better service and improve health and safety. Check out a few ideas below:

  1. • Real-time alerts can be sent to staff to clean areas once they have reached a designated occupancy

  2. • Alert when areas have reached designated capacity

  3. • Reduce staff to guest ratio by distributing staff according to capacity

  4. • Improved guest service by leveraging real-time data to direct guests to less busy areas

  5. • Intelligent and responsive business practices according to real, measurable crowd reactions

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