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College Campuses:

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

The Return to Campus Life

With a new academic year underway, colleges and universities are navigating the decision to transition back to in-person classes and bring students back into a safe campus environment. There are questions both faculty and students may face when returning to a socially distanced campus such as if facilities are over capacity, knowing how busy the library or lecture halls are, or where to find an uncrowded place to have a meeting or do school work.

How WaitTime Can Help

WaitTime works to provide solutions to these questions through real-time artificial intelligence from multiple algorithms by assessing crowd behavior and capacity. By mounting cameras above entrances or in spaces, such as cafeterias or lecture halls, the WaitTime software is then able to obtain capacity and way-finding information to communicate to students and faculty as they navigate to find safe and available locations on campus.

Real-Time Communication

WaitTime can also integrate with campus apps and make it easier to engage with students and faculty on-the-go. If a particular study hall is at full capacity, the WaitTime system can provide information right at your fingertips for another nearby location that is available. With the unpredictability of campus life, our integration with campus apps can show changes in real time to facilities and help manage schedules and safety together.

Looking to the Future

As Covid-19 altered the ways crowds are considered, the WaitTime system utilizes its fundamental crowd management technology to provide a layer of health and safety to the outcome. Post-Covid applications of WaitTime in campus life will continue to utilize this crowd management and communication technology for campus life whether that is providing wayfinding tools to students, helping faculty and facilities visualize how people are using spaces, or even identifying ideal open times for campus buildings. The WaitTime solution provides a strong foothold for academics through its effective communication and smart decision making.

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