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Casino Use Cases

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

How WaitTime adds to casino experiences -

Casinos are a popular place to let off a little steam and have fun! As a guest, knowing the best way to navigate the crowds and optimize your time to relax are important factors towards the overall casino-going experience.

As a casino operator, crowd distribution and improving efficiencies can be tough to measure as guests move around the casino. Whether monitoring density on the casino floor, bathroom traffic, or lines at concessions, knowing your space is crucial for staying on top of quickly changing crowd dynamics!

Check out the floor plan study below to see how WaitTime can help improve guest experiences and operator management of casino spaces!

Casino Floor Plan Study

Use Cases

• Occupancy of the casino

Know how many people are in the building and identify peak times by leveraging the entry and exit algorithm at each ingress point.

• Queues at cash out counters

Monitor wait times for cash out queues. Share wait times with guests so they know optimal times to head to the counter.

• Security

Track traffic in security zones to identify opportunities for improved efficiencies and overall access to monitoring security.

• Concessions and Retail

Track and share wait time data to inform lines at the concessions and retail areas and advise operations of cash flow and when to bring on more concession employees.

• Restrooms

Anonymously monitor bathroom use to let guests know where the shortest lines are as well as ping staff when they need to be cleaned.

• Rideshare

Monitor impact of guests waiting in the rideshare area and help them navigate to a safe ride after their time at the casino.


Leverage WaitTime data to monitor cash flow to maximize ROI and improve business. For example, WaitTime data can be used by casino concessions and retail to track how many people walk by their store front over time.

Build anonymous guest experience journeys. WaitTime does not track any personal information, but you can still tap into the information of how many people are using your space, where they came from in the space, and identify operational efficiencies. For example, let's say you discover that significantly more people enter your building through a specific entrance – prioritize concessions and other customer access points near this entrance!

Improved efficiencies. We can't improve what we can't measure- and sometimes we can't solve problems that we haven't identified. For example, maybe WaitTime data helps you realize that some restrooms are getting cleaned too often and others not enough. Staffing schedules can be adjusted to clean the areas that need it most.

Improved guest experience. Finally, you can share wait times with guests whether they are craving concessions and want to avoid a long line or informing them of high-density areas so they can make the most of their time.

Check out our Casino One Pager here!

Casino One Pager
Download PDF • 1.98MB

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