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Health and Safety

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

How can WaitTime be used for health and safety?

Understanding crowd densities is a critical component of controlling health and safety for operators and occupants. WaitTime software can help to identify real-time opportunities for improvement and inform future operations practices via historical data.  See below for how WaitTime can help operators manage crowd conditions in real-time:

Mobile App Rendering

Mobile app rendering of application for Covid 19 Testing Center sharing crowd densities at nearby clinics.

Identify overly crowded areas in real-time

Flag potential social distancing and capacity issues

Generate crowd intelligence and develop behavior profiles

Use WaitTime data to trigger operational responses to crowded areas

Identify normal behavior and aberrations to then inform operational responses

Engage and inform building occupants on crowd conditions

Identify busy areas and allocate resources accordingly

Equally distribute burdens on health and safety service areas

Reduce client to service provider ratio

Transportation Case Study:

WaitTime is currently partnering with PMY at a major transportation hub to track guest behavior on arrival and departure platforms. Cameras are located at key points along the platform to monitor how the crowd is dispersing and to define congestion points. This allows operators to respond in real-time to congestion issues as well as define normative patterns and align them with train schedules. Operators are then able to develop operational responses to trend behaviors and detect aberrations.

Crowd density reading at transportation station.

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