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Intel Showcases WaitTime at the TD Synnex 'Inspire' Vendor Summit & Distribution Conference

TD Synnex focused its Vendor Summit and 'Inspire' conference in Greenville, South Carolina 2 weeks ago on transformation, and investing in long term success. As one of Intel's premiere 'Constellation' ISVs, WaitTime was showcased at the Intel booth, putting its first in the world AI 'Crowd Management' on display for partners & resellers. As the world continues to open up in the wake up COVID19, the heightening need for video analytics and computer vision only grows stronger.

A Bright Future for Video Analytics

Solution integrators need to be ready for what’s ahead in computer vision. Demand for CV is heating up: research firm OMDIA expects nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of all network cameras shipped by 2025 to be AI-enabled. By then, the company predicts that the total worldwide market for video analytics will reach $32 billion. In addition, Gartner estimates that by 2023, 65 percent of enterprise-captured images and videos will be analyzed by machines rather than humans.” -

The Future of AI with Intel. While at the conference, WaitTime's Founder & CEO, Zack Klima, presented on stage with Intel's scale mavens, Ted Demeris and Willie Chow, about how the AI landscape is becoming front and center in our everyday life. It is no longer about selling a blinky blue box as an IT and OT hardware sale, but it is about solution selling, story telling the bigger picture of what that box will do for your customer's business, and what business problems we are solving every single day. The shift to AI is eminent; Intel and WaitTime are trailblazing the way through a tightly knit global partnership.

WaitTime's AI software is Intel optimized

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